Established in 1975, SIGMA - Consulting Engineers is an autonomous firm of consulting Architects and Engineers. Our mission is to enhance the built environment and enable it to serve its intended purpose. We deliver workable design solutions while considering the cultural, environmental, social and financial aspects of each project. Our firm is classified as a Grade 1-A by The Jordan Engineers Association and The Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Jordan for consultancy services in:


-         Building & Architecture

-         Roads & Transportation

-         Water & Wastewater

-         Environmental Studies

-         Urban Planning and Land Development

-         Landscape Architecture and Design


Accumulating years of experience with hundreds of successfully executed projects has helped us institutionalize our business processes whereby we are able to deliver sound engineering and management solutions for all stages of a project. Our systematic approach and deep understanding of the engineering consultancy industry help prevent issues before they occur and offer suitable solutions in case they do.

With numerous national and international recognition awards through our presence in the MENA region (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine), SIGMA-CE has the capacity and capability in providing full consultancy services for all types of projects to any part of the world.