Al-Mouwasat Long Term Care Center - Dammam:


Affiliates: SANAE (France)
Location : Damman, KSA
Built-up Area: 55,000 sqm
Service Provided:  Schematic Design, Design Development, Detail Design, Constructions Documents and Supervision



LTC (Long Term Care Unit), extension for the main building of Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Al-Dammam and is connected with the existing hospital by an overhead pedestrian bridge spanning 30 meters.

The hospital extension is comprised of a 5 storey building with a 600 vehicle capacity underground parking . SIGMA-CE implemented full Architectural and Engineering Design, Construction Documents including BOQ and specifications.

The LTC building consists of: 7 Suites, 14 Junior Suites, 42 Semi-private Rooms, 74 Private Rooms, 22 Isolation Rooms, 6 Emergency Rooms and 18 ICU’s totaling 160 Rooms with 183 beds.