Al-Yamaniya Heights Beach Development:


Affiliates: None
Location: Aqaba, JORDAN
Site Area: 2,800,000 sqm
Master Plan Area: 85,000,000
Service Provided: Master Planning, Landscape & Architectural Design



A 3-phase project at the ‘Coral Coast’ which is located about 10 km south of the City of Aqaba. It is envisaged that the area will be developed with a focus on tourism and residential development that is sensitive to the surrounding landscape and marine ecosystem.


The project is directed to serve as an upscale residential compound that is integrated with the beach development which should serve both ecotourism guests and local day visitors.


Phase I: Village Development.
Phase II: Coral Beach Planning.
Phase III: Proposed extension to the village.


Master-plan area: 85,000,000 sqm
Site area: 2,800,000 sqm