ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED

SIGMA-Consulting Engineers offers multi-disciplinary services in design, supervision and project management for a wide variety of project types. As a company, we are committed to seeing everything through the eyes of our client in order to provide the highest quality services with the highest attainable value because we expect nothing less than the best ourselves.

We focus on developing a culture of trust both within our organization and with our customers by being 100% dedicated to continuously improving what we do every step of the way. When we make a decision, we make our client’s needs and requirements our top priority.

We will pursue quality in everything we do by being dedicated to ensuring:

  • We have the best team with the best skills.
  • We are all engaged in our commitment to doing what is right for our customers.
  • We take ownership of the work we do from beginning to end.
  • We support each other, from management to front-line contributor, to ensure only quality services are delivered to our customers.

By realizing the importance of international quality systems, SIGMA-CE applies the ISO 9001: 2015 and is therefore committed to the complete implementation of quality management, performance development and objective revision on a regular basis.  


ISO Certificate