Jordanian Parliament and House of Senates Building:

Affiliates: None
Location: Amman, JORDAN
Built-up Area: 13,000 sqm
Service Provided: Concept, Interior Design, Schematic, Design Development, Construction Documents and Supervision
The concept for this project was based on the renovation and rehabilitation of the Parliament and Senate Buildings to conform to a new and modern aura for one of the Kingdom’s ruling bodies. The Senate Hall received major rehabilitation for all its features ranging from furniture to high-tech audio and acoustics giving a sense of formidable solidity for the modernized Senate Hall. Major renovation was also implemented on the neighboring Parliament Building, where SIGMA‘s architects and interior designers re-evaluated the function, space and interior decoration of the Parliament Offices and their supporting facilities.

The main components for the project include: senator rooms and offices, administration offices, lobbies, sanitary facilities, rooms for security, prayer halls and services, VIP waiting hall and all other relevant facilities for the upgrade of the Senate and Parliament.