King Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz City - Phase 2B:

Affiliates: None
Location: Zarqa, JORDAN
Site Area: 25,000,000 sqm
Service Provided: Development of Master Plan
The project represents the central business district located in the heart of King Abdullah Bin Abed Al-Aziz City. SIGMA was approached to undertake the urban planning, infrastructure detailing and preparation of the tender documents for the complete project. In order to accomplish standards of precision, SIGMA executed socioeconomic, environmental and existing building studies. With that help we were able to develop lucid objectives and a project vision that will ultimately cater in helping the mass Jordanians.

The environmental challenge here was to undergo an analysis of the physical and functional relationships between the diverse project components and compare the results to the environmental conditions such as wind direction, levels of precipitation, humidity, flora and fauna. SIGMA also assessed the various capabilities of the land uses and a flexible yet thorough land subdivision plan inside the project, their relation and effect to each other, which inevitably led to the revision of personal and welfare requirements of the project users with emphasis on the entire infrastructure and emergency services.