King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC):

Affiliates: HKS (USA)
Location: Amman, JORDAN
Built-up Area: 85,000 sqm
Service Provided: Design Development, Detail Design, Tender Documents and Supervision


Set east of the existing King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in Amman, a new extension has been designed and constructed offering an additional in-patient 187 beds, diagnostic and treatment facilities and out-patient clinics accommodated in 60,000 sqm of medical services forming phase I of the project. This extension project defines the KHCC's imprint as a leading cancer treatment facility in the Middle East.

The building stands at a vertical 14 stories high which is ultimately diffused within the urban landscape due to the south and east façades slated pattern and stepped feature that are imitating the hills in the distance.

The project is also supported by an additional 25,000 sqm of technical services, basement car parking spaces and an enclosed pedestrian bridge linking the present KHCC with the new East Building.