Madinat Al-Sharq:

Affiliates: None
Location: Zarqa, JORDAN
Built up Area: 400,000 sqm
Site Area: 90,000 sqm
Service Provided: Full Design and Supervision

Proposed as a mixed development project in ‘Madinat Al Sharq’ comprises of the following:

- 38,000 m² of retail facilities
- 10,750 m² of restaurant and food court facilities around the main plaza
- 430 luxury apartments totaling an area of 64,500 m². 
- 12,000 m² residential suites 
- 95,000 m² of office space providing maximum flexibility in spatial divisions.

The architectural concept is based on the old and rich Islamic heritage which is common to old Damascus style of buildings and is emphasized in the elements and material motifs as well as the passageways, arcades, plazas and the pedestrian spine. The projects also allows for a 2,400 vehicle parking.