Master Plan for the Dead Sea Development Zone:


Affiliates: SASAKI (U.S.A),Tetra Tech (U.S.A) & BuroHappold (UK)
Location: Dead Sea, JORDAN
Service Provided: Master Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Development Strategy, Market Analysis, Financial Structuring, Tourism Planning, Public Private Partnerships, Costing, Transportation and Roadway Planning and Design, Utility and Infrastructure Design SEA, GIS, Historic and Cultural Assessment, Sustainability Advising


The consortium of Sasaki Associates, Tetra Tech Group, SIGMA-Consulting Engineers, and BuroHappold undertook the task of development of the  Master Plan and Infrastructure for the Phase 1 Area of the Dead Sea Development Zone (DSDZ). The team proposes a planning and design approach that is focused on creating a sustainable development model for the DSDZ. The result will be a master plan which places equal consideration on design excellence, technical soundness, and financial viability. The plan represents the highest quality of design vision and application in order to inspire, excite, and engender pride of place. Technically, the plan will respond to its physical context (climate, topography, views), sustainability issues (renewable energy, water management, ecological conservation), as well as any anticipated regulatory issues. Financial viability implies the need to respond to short and long-term trends and evolving market conditions to inform a strategy that is suited to phasing, is cost effective relative to infrastructure improvements, and is flexible enough to allow for future adaptations. Consortium assembled a team for the DJC that will accomplish these goals.