Restructuring and Rehabilitation of West and Southwest Amman's Water Supply Network Facilities:


Affiliates: Hazen & Sawyer (USA)
Location: Greater Amman, JORDAN
Service Provided: EIA, Design and Supervision


A joint venture with Hazen & Sawyer (USA). The scope of work included an EIA study and design for the restructuring and rehabilitation of Greater Amman’s Water Supply System including the detailed design for the secondary water system in 16 out of 34 zones in Greater Amman. The facilities include 18 reservoirs with a capacity range between 1,000 m³ and 25,000 m³, six water towers 500 m³ capacity, 32 m high.

The piping network includes DI primary and secondary ranging between 100 mm and 1,400 mm diameter, with lengths of 70 km and 410 km respectively. In addition to HDPE ranging between 100 mm to 25 mm. The total population of the served area is 700,000 people. There were also a number of pumping stations. The hydraulic analysis for each zone was conducted and the models adjusted according to the detailed design.

Work also included full structural design and detailing for the reservoirs, towers, pumping stations and service buildings. The design included establishing a leak detection policy and rehabilitation. B.O.Q. for implementation in all parts of Amman during construction stage. HDPE pipe material for DN 100 mm pipes was introduced for the first time in Jordan as an alternative to DI pipes. The whole water supply network drawings were designed using AutoCAD, and was converted to Arc/Info format for use at the Water Authority.