The Directorate Building of ASEZA:

Affiliates: None
Location: Aqaba, JORDAN
Built-up Area: 25,000 sqm
Service Provided: Concept, Schematic, Design Development and details, Construction Documents and Supervision
Located on the airport highway to the northern part of Aqaba and set on a 100,000 sqm lot of land, is an office building project designed to accommodate ASEZA headquarters and ASEZA related Directorates.

The building is comprised of five floors consisting of prime office spaces, lecture halls, meeting rooms, computer center and managerial offices. It is visually designed to reflect unique qualities of local heritage with high conditioning towards advanced Building Management Systems (BMS). It aims to provide ideal environmental indoor conditions for its employees to enhance productivity at the highest levels especially in such a strategic and environmentally challenging zone as Aqaba. .