Preservation of the area along Wadi Mousa, Taibeh Road & Um Seyhun – Land Use Code:


Affiliates: None
Location: Wadi Musa, Taibeh & Um-Sehyun, JORDAN
Service Provided: Master Plan, Intensive area surveying, Analytical study for scenic preservation, Land use code & proposed organizational structure, Landscape treatment guidelines, Propose regulations and control measurements by law for urban development control


The objective of this study is to deliver a land use code to regulate land uses in the area of Wadi Mousa, Um Seyhun Route and the natural scenery between Wadi Mousa and Taibeh by distributing land uses for the development projects. This is made possible by drafting the main development scheme and specifying references for the preparation procedures and executions from the original development plans including its various levels and the formulations, which effects the distribution of the economic and social activities on the desired area. Also encouraging an intensive revision and update for the land use master plans of the towns, villages and residential areas. Doing so would further assist in adjusting the composite of detailed building plans for specified areas. It will furthermore help define the different parties that are responsible for the Petra Region’s developments in the areas specified by its law and regulations, supporting the set up procedures for licensing, building and supervision regulations cumulatively.