Wadi Zara-Mujib-Ma'in Water Treatment and Conveyance Project:


Affiliates: Metcalf & Eddie (USA)
Location: Dead Sea and Amman, JORDAN
Service Provided:  EIA, Design and Supervision


The project is located within 50 km of Amman

The Wadi Zara – Ma’in and Mujib Project for Water Treatment and Conveyance involves taking water from WadiMa’in Zara and the Mujib valleys, subjecting the combined flows to treatment (including desalination) and conveying of the treated water through 6 pumping stations and reservoirs to the existing National Park Pump Station Site in Southern Amman.

From this point, treated water is distributed to Amman residents via the municipality networks, while commercial and industrial uses by MWI / WAJ. Up to eight million cubic meters per year of treated water will be conveyed through a separate pipeline to hotels near the Dead Sea at a later date

The MWI / WAJ are implementing a program to supply fresh water to the capital city of Amman.